Real Client Testimonials

Here are a few great video testimonials from some of our loyal clients

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Bad Back, No Problem!

Marti is one of our greatest clients we've had.  She was an avid gardener before but needed her raised beds to be higher so she could still garden as her back began giving her troubles--so we built her a beautiful garden! Thanks Marti

Front Yards are for Food not Lawns!

Alyson has spearheaded the front yard garden movement in her Campbell community.  She wanted to save on water and at the grocery store by having us install a stylish front yard garden.  Thanks Alyson for being a champion of the cause!

Hey Neighbors, Take my Extra Produce!

Matt Graham is now an avid gardener who takes great pride in his crops.  He has led in his community by example, displaying his excess produce in his front yard for ANYONE to take home and eat!

Growing More than we can Use!

Ihor and Michelle have been growing since 2014 in both their front and backyard.  Green thumbs are not always given at birth, these two have worked at it and now grow amazing produce for the two of them and more!

I'll Grow, you do the Heavy Stuff

Sai lives in Santa Clara and has a modest but extremely productive patch in her backyard.  We help her out by doing the heavy lifting, bringing in organic soils to ensure she grows great every season!

Growing Strong in Santa Cruz County

Affie and Karen began growing in the mountains of Santa Cruz and have had nothing but success.  Their beautiful garden is a place of refuge and will be used for years to come.