Here's just a small sampling of the thousands of projects we have been a part of

PayPal Garden Overview

PayPal, Inc. EMployee Garden

PayPal's garden (formerly eBay) was started in 2012 with the help of the eBay green team and champions of employee engagement.  Their goal was to educate as many employees as possible with a basic and functional design.  We have realized their goal by expanding their garden 5 times since its initial inception and will continue to expand as their waitlist to participate grows and grows.  

Santa Clara University - The Forge.jpg

Santa Clara University: The FORGE GARDEN

 The Forge Garden came from humble beginnings and is now a major hub for learning and understanding of America's Urban Farming community.  StartOrganic was lucky enough to be invited to help lead workshops and construct some of the first raised beds in what is now an amazing learning and growing environment.  Complete with a greenhouse, chickens, bees, and bananas, the Forge Garden has given a name for itself and is thriving.  

Residential Clients

our MAny Residential clients

While our goals have shifted to accommodate the demand for corporate gardens, we will never forget our beginnings in the residential space.  We were fortunate to have many hundreds if not thousands of great clients eager to learn how to grow and get the best start possible.  We are grateful for those many clients for choosing us to help them succeed the first time.