StartOrganic Employee Garden Survey

We surveyed all of our employee garden participants to see what they thought about having a StartOrganic Employee Gardening program at their workplace. Here are the results:

Stress Reduction felt by almost all participants: 92% felt a reduction in stress due to having a garden on campus

Confidence in starting a garden at home: 92.2% felt comfortable bringing their gardening knowledge home

Growing successfully with our help: 96.1% of participants have been able to successfully harvest their work garden

Garden used at least once per week by most participants: 96.1% visit their plot at least once per week! 60.8% visit multiple times per week.

Perception of company improved by having a garden: 98% have a better opinion about the company they work for just because they thought a garden was important to their employees! Company culture improves.

Growing food at work creates positive life changes: 96.1% say that they have experienced positive life changes due to having a campus garden that they tend to!

eoy survey copy.001.jpeg

All results point to garden as being an easy choice for employers

These results showed what we at StartOrganic have always believed: A campus garden is an extremely easy way for employers to provide a tangible perk that shows a tremendous amount of benefits.

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