2018 Year-End Survey

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Please answer this QUICK Survey below to let us know how you feel about our programs

Answer as best as you can, this isn’t a test :) Thank you!
Has your experience in the garden reduced your stress at work in any way? *
Have you been able to successfully harvest anything that you've grown at work? *
Would you feel confident starting a garden at your home based on what you’ve learned? *
How often do you visit the garden area on average? *
Does having a garden on campus improve your overall perception of the company you work for? *
Would you be more likely or less likely to want to work for a company that offers organic vegetable garden education on campus? *
Have you experienced any positive changes in your lifestyle as a result of growing your own food? *
please tell us anything you'd like improved, we are always looking for ways to make you all happier!
Do you have any contacts that can help us grow our network of employee gardeners to other campuses in the area? This REALLY helps our cause
Your Info (not required, but appreciated)