PayPal Garden FALL/WINTER 2019!

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Signup here to have a Fall/Winter garden at PayPal! Please answer each question so that we can place you into a spot.

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Are you currently maintaining/harvesting from your box? *
Would you like to garden next season? *
If possible, would you like to move into a sunnier spot? *
Check "No" if you want to stay where you are
I am able to attend orientation and planting on: *
Short orientation class is mandatory before planting a fall/winter garden
Are you able to attend the seasonal amending workshop/day on 9/24? *
By attending the seasonal amending day, you will not only understand what it takes to turn your garden from Spring to Fall crops, but also ensure which plants will stay in your garden plot.
Checking this box below means that you will take responsibility of your box, manage, maintain, weed and harvest regularly to make sure that it is productive and attractive *