Organic Foods: Nutrient Facts

May 11, 2016

Eating Local Organic Foods: How Can You Get the Maximum Nutrient Boost From Your Meals?

The demand for high quality, nutritious and organic foods as a basic part of our daily diet is growing exponentially across the country. Now the question is: Where can we find the best nutrients and organic foods for our table without breaking the bank? The answer is right in your backyard.

Organic Foods: Home Gardens Radish Close up

Needless to say, a home garden inspires a better lifestyle – tending to a garden literally makes us happier people. On top of the personal benefits, a garden in your backyard is also breath of relief to the environment, not to mention a beautiful (and edible!) landscape. We can name countless benefits to growing your own veggies, but none can top the unmatched value of nutrients that homegrown organic foods bring to your daily eating habits. It is, literally, the highest quality fuel you could put in your body.

Higher Nutrient Content and Better Taste

Upgraded Box Garden PlantingWhen you have the luxury of harvesting your food minutes before your meal, you maximize the potential of the nutrients for consumption. You also get the best tasting, high quality produce you could ever be able to find nearby. It literally can’t get more local – and fresher – than that.

Shortest trip from Harvest to Table

Harvard Medical School stated that minimizing transportation and processing ensures maximum freshness, flavor, and nutrient retention. Yet it is a common practice to ship food: The average American produce travels an estimated 1,500 miles before being eaten. This long ride takes its toll on your produce – USDA research suggests that fruits and vegetables may lose as much as 50% of their nutrients within 3-5 days of harvest. Imagine how many nutrients are lost when it can take up to a whooping 21 days for certain produce to go from harvest to consumption! You’re spending money – and a trip to the grocery store – for produce that only provides half – if not less – of your money’s worth.

As we grow older our body’s demands grow greater. When you grow and harvest seasonal vegetables in your own garden, you’re giving your body and your family the quality fuel it deserves, daily and consistently. Start organic in your home, and you can rest assured it’ll be the start of the best diet of your life.

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