Garden of the Month - August

August 25, 2014

Vegetable Garden of the Month – August Edition

August 2014 Garden Showcase

Mrs. Marla voted best garden August 2014 The StartOrganic garden of the month is so beautiful that

although the owner would like to remain somewhat anonymous, the veggies will not.


Marla’s garden, designed by her husband,

features a two foot wide bed running along the house, three

rectangular beds with various lengths designed to conceal air

conditioning units and electrical conduit boxes, and a redwood

trellised “privacy” bed in front of the in-law unit. In the winter

Marla grew peas on the trellis. Over the summer she opted for

tomatoes. The plants are now taller than the roof, and the family

eats tomatoes daily.

This is the family’s first year growing food. When asked what her

secret is, a very modest Marla will tell you she is just incredibly

lucky. Marla grows many of her favorite vegetables including

zucchini, sungold tomatoes, and padron peppers, which she

uses to make tapas. Perhaps one of the greatest things about

her gardening style however, is that she is not afraid to try

different varieties of plants like moon and stars watermelons,

white cucumbers, and Guatemalan blue banana squash. Marla

got a mail order seed catalogue, and just went for it. For the

most part, this style works for Marla. She has said that next

year she would like more

peppers and less cucumbers.

One of the biggest pests in Marla’s garden are ants. Ant’s do

not necessarily eat vegetable plants, but they do protect aphids

(which will destroy a garden), they also tend to find their way

indoors. In order to eradicate the ants, we used a simple

mixture of equal parts Borax and sugar mixed in water. Marla

then soaks cotton balls in the mixture and places them where

she sees activity. this has been a very effective, organic method

for controlling the insects. The ants are attracted to the sweet

sugar, and the Borax hardens them from the inside after they

bring it back to the colony.

One thing that Marla values in her garden is that is visually

striking. She picks edibles based on their taste, but also the

way they look while they grow. She believes a vegetable garden

can be much more than a utilitarian addition to the backyard,

and she is absolutely right. Good thing broccoli makes a good

looking plant, because it is one of her favorite vegetables and

will play a huge role in her upcoming winter garden.