@Home Garden Education

The BEST Way to Learn About Organic Gardening


The BEST way to learn about organic gardening.

We’ve found over the years that by teaching people to grow in their own garden, they show:

  • an increase in motivation to learn
  • a greater degree of gardening success
  • more confidence in their abilities
  • a higher likelihood of continuing after training
  • a stronger connection to the Earth
  • a craving for fresher foods

We specialize in teaching practical organic vegetable gardening skills to folks with no prior experience or training.  Our garden experts plan monthly visits to your home garden to teach the basics of garden maintenance.  

At StartOrganic, we believe that everyone should learn the basics of growing vegetables.  Our food is fuel for our bodies and there’s no better fuel than home-grown, Organic, Non-GMO foods. Since our company began, our garden experts have been teaching homeowners, schools, and corporate employees how to grow throughout the Bay Area.  By bringing the classes to our clients, we make it easy for everyone to learn.

Our @Home Education Service covers the most important seasonal topics:

  • Planting and Seed Spacing fundamentals
  • Basic Soil Biology and How to Amend Soils
  • Organic Pest Control Techniques
  • Watering and Daily Maintenance Tips
  • Harvesting and even Organic Recipes

Click HERE to learn more about our monthly @Home Garden Education Service:  a series of monthly garden classes for you to learn how to successfully garden through the seasons.

Click HERE for a One-Time Gardening Lesson:  A 1 hour class with a professional gardener to help guide you to success in your garden.