Drought Tolerant Landscape: Water-Wise Gardening Ideas

April 3, 2014

Drought Tolerant Options

Changing our front yard landscape can save us from Drought.  In a time of water shortage it’s important for all of us to re-evaluate our water usage and make an effort to conserve.

Traditional Lawn vs. Attractive Front Yard Vegetable Garden

The problem is that when most of us make an effort to conserve, we go about it all wrong.  We take slightly shorter showers, cut the water while we brush our teeth, and may finally fix that leaky faucet.  Our hearts may be in the right place, but the amount of water we save makes a comparatively small impact on the big picture.  If we really want to make a difference we should consider these facts:

Half of all residential water usage is to maintain landscaping.

Bay Area homeowners consistently water an average of 400 Square feet of lawn each year (this is a small lawn).

A 400 Square Foot Lawn uses 12,000 gallons of water per year (if it is watered responsibly)

Removing your lawn and redesigning your landscaping makes a significant difference to our current water shortage problem and has some surprisingly positive side-effects.  Consider the following drought tolerant landscapes when planning to remove your lawn.

Vegetable Garden –A 100 square foot vegetable garden can produce over $1200 worth of organic vegetables per year.

Mulch –  Covering areas of your yard with mulch prevents weeds, protects your topsoil, keeps moisture in the ground, and prepares areas for future plantings.

Rock Gardens – Installing a rock garden is a cheap and easy way to change your landscaping into a no-water plan.

California Native Plants – Designing your landscaping using California Natives not only saves water, but requires significantly less maintenance as well.

The average rainfall for the last 3 years in the Bay Area is only about 60% of normal. It’s time to open our eyes and make some changes.  Consider employing drought tolerant landscape options and let’s reduce our water usage together.

Schedule a home consultation with us if you’d like help determining the best drought tolerant layout, plants, and setup to also ensure you will save water and be able to take advantage of the landscape rebate program which could give you $2000 back from the County!