Save Water, Fix Leaks!

June 1, 2016

Water is one of our most valuable resources, and the success of your garden relies on it. How can you make the most of your water usage? (more…)

Eating Local Organic Foods: How Can You Get the Maximum Nutrient Boost From Your Meals? The demand for high quality, nutritious and organic foods as a basic part of our daily diet is growing exponentially across the country. Now the question is: Where can we find the best nutrients and organic foods for our table without breaking the bank? The answer is right in your backyard. (more…)

Is There An Ideal Time?

We always get these questions: When is the best time for potato planting? And, how do I do it? If you are reading this before May, then you're in luck! (more…)

Are your summer plants developing powdery mildew?  If so, come find out the causes of this common disease and how it can be prevented and treated! (more…)

I know it’s still August and your tomatoes, beans, zucchini, basil, are still in full force, but now is a good time to start thinking about your Fall garden!  September is less than a month away and is the ideal time to plant many of your favorite Fall/Winter crops.  (more…)

Organic mulch can do wonders for the fruits and veggies in your organic garden. But when, how, and what should you use? We've - literally - got you covered.


New Water Regulations for San Jose Residents by Josh Levine on April 28, 2015 in Garden Plans, Garden Startup, Gardening Tips (more…)

Giving Kale a Second Life

What’s Wrong? As Spring turns to Summer you may find your kale plant showing some symptoms that it’s not doing too well The increased temperature and age of the kale plant can lead to quite a few issues. (more…)

Is My Broccoli Ready Yet?

Most first time broccoli growers there can be a lot of confusion around harvesting broccoli plants. Once you know the life cycle of a broccoli plant, it’s easy to tell, as we teach in our education classes. Let’s do a quick walk-through. (more…)

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Vegetable Garden of the Month - August Edition

August 2014 Garden Showcase Mrs. Marla voted best garden August 2014 The StartOrganic garden of the month is so beautiful that although the owner would like to remain somewhat anonymous, the veggies will not. (more…)

Do you eat Local Food: Exploring the Locavore Index

Much of our produce in the U.S. is bred and grown to ship cross country for days at a time. The average shipping distance for produce these days is 1500 miles from farm to plate! With this type of time bouncing around on a truck, you are losing out on vital nutrients as the fruit or vegetable you are going to eat ages.


What is Succession Planting? A guide to Radishes, Beets, and Carrots

How to enjoy homegrown produce all year long using succession planting techniques


Drought Tolerant Options

Changing our front yard landscape can save us from Drought.  In a time of water shortage it’s important for all of us to re-evaluate our water usage and make an effort to conserve.


Defense is the Best Offense

Summer 2013 – As I went out to my garden each and every day to water, weed and observe, I began to get excited at the new varieties of tomatoes, potatoes, basil, and sunflowers that were just about to burst.  I knew that within days, it would be time to reap the bounty of all my hard work!  In my garden, soil surrounded by slab, i had little pest problems and wasn’t too worried about losing anything. Out of nowhere, I noticed a sign.  When you look at a garden every day, you notice the most minor tweeks and bends in your plants.  My prized Black Krim tomato plant seemed to be leaning, but I thought it would bounce right back…boy was I wrong!


There are many choices when growing tomatoes

Color, flavor, size, yield and nutritional factors should be evaluated when choosing tomato varieties.  Here we will discuss a study which helps us find the healthiest tomatoes!


As a garden expert I am often asked “what are the advantages of starting a raised bed vegetable garden over working in the ground?”


August is an interesting month garden wise in the South Bay. It is difficult to plant anything right now because it is too late for summer vegetables, yet a bit too hot for winter brassicas like broccoli and cauliflower. Sure, you could seed beets and carrots as an old standby, but maybe you are craving something different, something a bit more. . . cruciferous. Well then might I suggest baby bok choy. (more…)