2019 End of Spring Season Survey

StartOrganic Employee Gardening Program

Please answer this QUICK Survey below to let us know how you feel about our programs

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My experience in the garden helped to reduce some of my stress at work *
I have been able to successfully grow and harvest food with the help of StartOrganic *
I feel confident starting a garden on my own based on what I've learned? *
I visit the garden area on average: *
My participation in this program has led to higher job satisfaction *
I have experienced these positive changes in my lifestyle as a result of growing food *
This program led to increased collaboration and community among co-workers *
I would be interested in signing up for this type of program in the future? *
How would you rank the organic gardening program compared to other employee programs on your campus? *
How likely is it that you would recommend our gardening program to a friend or colleague? *
1 being the least likely, 5 being most likely to recommend
How can StartOrganic make this program better? Please provide your recommendations *
Please tell us anything you'd like improved, we are always looking for ways to make you all happier!